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Thread: Anyone using atv towed flail for Heather burning

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    Anyone using atv towed flail for Heather burning

    Looking for people's opinions and first hand experience of best atv towed flail for cutting fire breaks on ground to boggy and wet for tractor with duals.
    We currently have logic flail 13hp which we tow with the quad but it's past its best always breaking down.
    looking for what's best and also can still be towed by atv easily.

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    Still using the old fashioned manual method !!!

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    Yeah we do that to but have lot good young heather I would rather not burn through

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    Does ur flail have enough power to cut the heather? Or does it deepend how old/rank it is?

    I also thought the heather recovers slower after flailing rather than burning as think the burning helps heather seed in soil germinate.

    Either that or get some extra hands in or an extra mister to protect the young heather

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    It does the job but yes it should of had bigger engine. We've used this paticular one for 8years and as long as you take your time and in taller stuff cut it in two goes lowering the height second time round.
    we still burn the heather just cut fire break around the exact piece you want out. The cuts only grow slightly slower than the fires themselves.

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    Anyone using chapman flail mower looking for feedback before we make decision.

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    We use a QuadX one, the single axle one - great results in very long heather!

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    How do you find it travels over grips and what are you towing it with

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    Pulling with argocat, very good over grips.

    Have pulled it with Quad, but not good over tussocky ground...

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    Ours is the 18hp, would recommend...

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