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Thread: Deer around Inverurie?

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    Deer around Inverurie?

    Hi all,

    I've got a lease up at Inverurie(ish) and we try and get up as much as we can, so far we have had 3 roe does of it, in two visits. My question is to anyone else that shoots around that area? Do you regularily see/shoot any other species (thinking Sika/Reds) around that area? Im sure you understand my not wishing to disclose too much info regarding the area, apparently ther is some nasty people on this interwebby lark

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    hi sam i stalk from banchory to crathie alot of roe on my grounds no sika in the area, i know a keeper who shot a sika stag in tillaprony but it was from a farm a mile down the road but for reds yes i have shot a few but not in big numbers.

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    Hi Sam ,
    Not much else but Roe close to inverurie(some crackers though!) If you are north-ish and west-ish lol, you will eventualy see some Reds Just depends how many miles an "-ish" is ? lololol. Not many bucks clean yet !

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