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Thread: Issue with the new Swarovski EL Range 8 x 42

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    Issue with the new Swarovski EL Range 8 x 42

    A friend of mine (but not on SD) recently bought a pair of the above. Last week whilst out after a roe buck as the light was fading, saw a buck and as it was coming towards him, pressed the range button on the deer when at just over 200 yds. As soon as he ranged it the deer took off barking. He was hidden in a hedge and the wind was in his favour. Anyway a couple of days later he came across the same buck again and this time he was only about 150 yds away but once again the same happened.

    Is there anyone out there with these binos that has had a similar experience? He pointed the binos at me at close range and whilst I could see a dull red glow from the left tube, I would be surprised if a buck even at 100 yds would take any notice of it.

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    No, not happened to me
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    I have the same type.... Never had that problem.

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    Me too never happened with mine.

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    I posted a couple weeks ago on this. Did Happen for me on pheasant. Not with rabbit or deer. Not a good idea to look at lasers tho I wouldn't have thought

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    This maybe similar to the 2 types of infrared flash available in trail-cameras - one seems to get noticed more by wildlife than the other - I think the newer 'black' version spook less......

    Just may be the laser spec is close to a wildlife sensitivity?

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    you say low light so take it the sun was low in the sky,, possible reflection from the sun of the lenses ???????

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    Not seen this as an issue - I would go with lens flash as above over anything laser related.
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    Thanks gents for your replies.

    Ray7756 - according to my friend it was at last light each time - the sun having disappeared.

    It just may be that this particular buck had sensitive eyes and at last light perhaps the laser was quite bright to the buck. I know I had issues with a laser on my night vision before I got rid of it when shooting fox - a couple just bolted as soon as the laser was on them.

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