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Thread: Tikka T3 V Sako 75

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    Tikka T3 V Sako 75

    As per title, am getting a 6.55x55 in the very near future, slot on ticket but can't make up my mind between a T3 or Sako 75, not bothered wood/blue or s/s. Any thoughts??

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    Have a look at Tikka for sale in classifieds
    Nothing to do with me but looks a bargain!

    Both great

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    I am about to pick up a t3 wood blue in 6.5 ,if i could afford it or the shop could have been bothered to answer it would have been a 75,but im not fussed my others a t3 blue wood and i love it, you wont go wrong with either,i know people like synth but im not people,atb doug, oops i f,got dc5,s selling one

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    Cheers Guys, have seen the ads on here and other sites. I will set my budget at say, 750. Had a 75 before in .243 and that was a nice bit of kit tbh!

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    I've just got a tikka t3 super varmint in .223 and I'm shooting crows at 250 yds.
    You won't be disappointed.
    if you can get the super varmint model I would recommend. It has a picatinny rail, tactical bolt handle, adjustable cheek rest and looks damn sexyClick image for larger version. 

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    muntyhunter on here has a nice sako 75 deluxe in 6.5x55 he was thinking of selling

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    I have owned T3s and 75s in .243 and .222.

    There is very little to choose between them, and for the average stalker under field conditions, no measurable difference in accuracy or performance.

    The key differences are:

    75 can be top loaded (double stack magazine and big ejection port). T3 cannot.

    75 has more magazine capacity (in .243 it takes 5, while T3 takes 3).

    You can find 75s that have not been screw cut and which have 22" barrels. This is much rarer with T3s, which are almost all 20" barrels. This may be a consideration for 6.5x55, which I understand benefits from a longer barrel.

    75 has an extra button by the safety catch that allows it to be unloaded with the safety on.

    75 has several different action lenghts, scaled to cartridge family. T3 has one size fits all action.

    75 has integral recoil lug. T3 has separate 'floating', aluminium, recoil lug. Much debate about whether this makes any difference.

    Fit and finish on 75 on balance probably better - feels sturdier.

    Mostly metal parts in 75, some plastic in T3. Only place where this may make a real difference is bolt shroud, which has a reputation fir cracking eventually in the T3.
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    Other thing to add is that 75s will be older - the youngest are now probably 8-10 years old. They are also, usually, very overpriced.

    However, they may not have been used as heavily. T3s are real work horse guns, often very heavily used.

    If you have the option of both in equal condition, I would take the 75. But either will serve you well.

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    Thanks again for the replies all. Leaning towards a 75 from the start having had one before but T3s are very competitively priced. Am sticking to my budget and will see what I can find!!

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