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Thread: Mcmillan Stock Weight?

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    Mcmillan Stock Weight?

    I've got a McMillan M40A1 adjustable stock on my remmy 700, I got it re barrelled, new trigger, stock, but its just a bit too heavy for practice hill work. Was wondering how much weight I could get off the rifle by getting another McMillan stock but more of a standard hunting style. It'll be easier and cheaper, I think, than getting the barrel re profiled or fluted. Will it be worth it? How lighter will be? Is there a market for second hand great condition McMillan stocks? Any ideas?

  2. #2 might an Edge stock get you lighter, or shortening the barrel? Regards JCS

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    I'd say the M40 stocks are well sought after. I don't think you'll have a problem selling it.

    Why don't you remove the stock and weigh it? My guess is around 1200 -1500 grams
    I recon an Edge hunter style stock could weigh around 650-750 grams with studs fitted, painted and recoil pad on.

    My take is, the m40 stock and way it is made is 70's style and a bit dated.


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    There is definitely a market for used McMillan stocks but you will lose money for sure. It may sound daft but every riflesmith in the country has a stack of standard wooden Remmington stocks sitting in the corner waiting to be used for kindling, I bet they are a lot lighter than the McMillan and you could probably reduce them even more.

    I think you would regret going away from the McMillan though. I would try to lose the weight somewhere else. In my case, my belly could be reduced by a kilo or two!

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    I have a PSE composites etac on my hill rifle. It is far far lighter than my McM A5 with superb ergonomics. I have 3 McM stocked rifles but wouldn't now choose McM as a first choice

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    For Sale: New line SSS composite stocks

    Try the link above and see what you think we can manufacture a full carbon build that will weigh in around 650-700 grams depending on pads, bedding type ect.

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