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Thread: PPU SP ammunition

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    Question PPU SP ammunition

    Anyone using it with success ?

    I did some test shooting at Selkirk range last week with my .270 and repeatedly shot 3 shot cloverleaf groups at 100 yards (benchrested) using cheap as chips PPU SP 130 grain.

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    if you look around its a lot better than you think i use it in 223 55gr s/p shoots same as sako for a third of the price,john robbo was, maybe still does uses it 139grn s/p in 6x5x55,and i will be giving it a go next week same as robbos,check ulube videos for privvi, but dont tell the shops ssshhhh!

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    Lucky blighter ! My Tikka T3 (.308) doesn't like it at all - more's the pity !

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    My 243 Sauer likes it a lot, the 223 in the same make hates it, it truly is dreadful in the smaller calibre.

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    I think it is like Marmite, some guns love it and some hate it. It's just a matter of trying it, seeing how it shoots and hope your lucky.

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    I got a quantity of 139grain for my 6.5 never had a problem with it at the price you pay its not worth reloading your own unless you are going into competition. I have shot roe at all sorts of ranges with no worries for the last few years.

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    It shoots well in my T3, 22-250, 55g SP

    and in my Sako 75, 6.5x55, 139g SP.


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    I bought some for my .223 today to try, on the back of the good results with the .270

    I can't believe how much less it costs, although I have been told to expect a slightly more loopy trajectory - not an issue if you aren't into long shots IMHO

    Browning A-Bolt (cheap as chips) shooting PPU ammo (equally cheap as chips) in .270 and it all just works. Who knew ?

    Watch this space...

    Out of curiosity is the brass worth passing on ?

    A few of my friends reload, something I have neither the time nor inclination to fool with at the moment, but I don't know if the PPU cases are worth giving to them.

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    lots of people reload it no probs,

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    It shoots well in my 223, 243, 308 and I have just bought a box of 100grain to try in a 25-06 Tikka T3

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