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Thread: 308 and 110grain vmax

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    308 and 110grain vmax

    hi does any one have the overall length for the above.

    tried the hornady web site but cant find anything

    thanks in advance


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    I have loaded them at 2.80 with H414 and at 2.765 with RL15. I've no idea of the exact source of this info, it is copied into my written notes, but I will have taken it from a printed manual. Hornady give a COL of 2.740 in their manual for the 23010 VMAX.

    I've been loading them with RL15 recently, it is what I can get, and have found them pretty accurate. I found one book load that gave a max load of 47 grains of RL15 but I found that all loads below 47 grains, as I attempted to work up, gave me black cases and clear signs of low pressure. At 47 grains of RL15 I got my first clean case. I looked around other manuals that printed RL15 loads for such light bullets and found Speer were giving a 51 grain max. At 48.5 grains I got an accurate load and stopped there, with a COL of 2.765.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    thanks that helps a lot

    With a col. of 2.765 you only have approx .2 of the head seated into the case. I assume you have had no issue with this. I thought that the min seat depth should not be less than the caliber

    thanks steve

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    I didn't consider how much of the bullet I had in the case but just took the COL from the various manuals. I only really use the 110 V-Max for target/plinking type shooting and have had no problems with it in that respect. Maybe if your use was more serious, foxing or the like, then you might want to seat a little deeper but it might be best just to go with the Hornady COL. I'd guess I've shot 200, maybe 300, of them at those lengths with no trouble. The first 100 were certainly at 2.80!

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    I am interested in these 110 gr's vmax too, a friend gave me a box a few days ago. what twist rate is best for these i have a r93 with match barrel, think it is 1 in 11. I have varget, n140, vit 133 and a little H335 not sure which would work best?

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    ok thanks

    i will load a few at 2.750 and see what happens



    i will be using these in a standatd r93, i wiil let you know how i get on


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    It is an R93 I'm shooting them out of, as far as I can see they work well and are as accurate as I can shoot. I've a target somewhere of a 5 shot group with 4 into one ragged hole and a 5th flyer that opened things up to about an inch, I'd be pretty certain that the flyer was down to me. Maybe I should stick to 3 shot groups, then I could claim my rifle shoots sub half inch groups all day long, pity I can't :-)

    I'm using a standard barrel and have no idea of the velocity I'm getting. To be honest they seem to shoot well no matter what the load or powder. Some of the H414 loads I used with them were "reduced" with a velocity of maybe 2600 - 2700fps and these were basically as accurate as my current RL15 load which must be about 2900 - 3000fps I'd guess. I didn't get any low pressure signs with the H414 like I saw with the RL15.

    They have got a bit expensive now and are not so available so I don't think I will be using them as a plinking/target load any more once the current supply is finished. I would imagine they would be murder on foxes and I had a load with them that shot to the same place at 100 yards as my 150 grain deer load, this came about by accident.

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    not v max but horonady 110gn spire point - shot from R93

    2.583 col which was the case length plus the bullet length minus the bullet diameter. 49gn H4895 gives 3100 fps. shoots sub 1" at 300 yards if i shoot at a 3" dayglo circle with my 1moa dot swaro scope (nice orange glo around the dot - i can shoot better at 300 than i can at 100!) didnt try any other charges as my R93's alway work best at max.

    good on deer, probably good on fox too but not on my ground! (fast foxing calibres and sub 70 gn poly tips only when shooting amongst livestock)

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