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Thread: Weihrauch HW100S .177

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    Weihrauch HW100S .177

    Looking on behalf of a good friend,who after a long time ,is getting back into shooting.
    Must be in excellent condition,the odd small ding to the wood is no problem,but no leaks or blemishes on the blueing. Alternatively does anyone knows of any shops selling them for a good price. Thanks

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    Has it got to be .177?

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    Get yourself on a few airgun sites , always plenty of hw100s for sale , very good guns I believe , have pcps but not hws, only a hw springer, some great value 2nd hand airrifles which when you see what's available would make me wince if I paid new
    Rhds Craig

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    Have a look on airgun forum they have for sale section. I had a hw 100. It was a good gun but .22
    A 177 is much better cal at sub 12.

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    Thanks for heads up guys. I'll do that. Cheers

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    I have a .22 S that I'd part with but if it has to be .177 then get yourself on TWOC The Weihrauch Owners Club website.

    Always stuff for sale on there.

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    Thanks but it has to be .177

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