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Thread: Anti shooting landowners - any success in turning them round?

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    Anti shooting landowners - any success in turning them round?

    It seems to me that surrounding the little pockets of ground I have are landowners who are anti hunting for some reason or another (as opposed to just anti-ME as a stranger asking for shooting permission)! I have been pretty successful in turning most of my office and friend anti's into not minding it so much, asking when the next bit of venison is coming in and even wanting to come out to see what it is like, but it has taken time, time which you don't have on the landowners doorstep. It seems crop damage or even general animal health seem low on their list of priorities when referring to killing one of the animals they love. One bit I have seems to be rife with deer............just on the opposite sides of the boundary walls!

    Without giving away any secret recipes, has anyone ever had any success in turning a definite NO into a yes for shooting permission?


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    If their opposition is a principled one in that they just don't agree with killing animals, then forget it. If it's more of a default position, one of caution but not that strongly felt or grounded in that much thought, then you have a chance. Yesterday morning Bill Oddie was on the news talking about hunting migratory birds in Malta. Now I don't agree with him at all, but he did straighforwardly say that he didn't care about any arguments around sustainability or tradition or anything at all apart from cruelty. Well at least that's a solid, principled position. And you're not going to change that.

    Other than that, I have found that with non-hunters, the food angle is what makes it acceptable to them, almost unfailingly.

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    Strangely I knocked on a door many years ago to see if they needed someone to keep the rabbits and foxes under control as I explained I shot next door. The woman that answered the door gave me a right hard time as she was a LACS supporter and that was that I went away thinking what a so and so she was.

    Couple of months later the farmer next door said would I give this woman a ring as the fox is having here ducks and hens and could I do something about it ... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha........... no

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    Agree with Pine Marten,

    The Bill Oddies and Ricky Gervais' of this World you will never because of principles, the other because of its a trendy bandwagon to jump on to. Even a certain guitarist in a well known British rock band used to be a keen game shooter but has now turned to the Dark Side....

    Two things often and money! A sustainable cheap source of prime free range protein and crossing palms with silver often sway the argument especially when they have to do very little for it!

    Also the neighbour approach often works indirectly in that once you have established yourself as a trustworthy and dependable person on neighbouring land often people are more open to an approach.
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    I'd also add that if a landowner has no experience of firearms and their use, they could well be understandably reluctant to essentially let a stranger shoot around their house. Don't forget that guns frighten people. So that's probably worth keeping in mind too. Don't wear camo when you do to meet them.

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    Just went round at lunch to one place who I have not approached before but have been told she is anti. There was no answer at the door. Will go round at the weekend maybe and see what they say. Thanks for the comments. Was going to try the venison route for sure. Will soon see. May be a tough one to crack but I'll keep at it.

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    Much as i detest Bill Oddie, the situation in Malta is dreadful and needs action. I only heard one turtle dove last year!


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    Anti landowners around Aberdeen? Must be the horsey folk? Just wait until one of their horses breaks its leg in a rabbit hole then they come begging for you to shoot their fluffy bunny rabbits.

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