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Thread: What are peoples views on this?

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    What are peoples views on this?

    I have a view on this, but I'd be really interested to see others opinions

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It looks like a shotgun, and taking the safety off with my shotgun certainly does not involve death every time!

    Not for me...would certainly be a talking point and they better live up to it if I saw someone shooting it!

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    Anti-shooting propaganda.
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    Looks well used, the opener is middle to slightly left so has had some use. Easily sorted by a gun smith. Was there anything else?
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    Doesn't emphasise that the "safety" doesn't make the gun safe. But good luck to the owner if that's what he wants to do. There's a lot worse things done to guns and rifles.

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    I doubt anyone would see it to be honest. If you're going to make a statement, there are more obvious ways of doing it
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    Gives it a bit of individuality, that said just a safety like any other safety

    as long as it works but remember..! it's the man behind the gun.

    Oh ! and your background is out of focus.
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    each to their own i suppose, but if it was me i would leave any gun/rifle as is ,doug

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    looks slightly squint so definitely "badly fitting"

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    Wouldn't find it's way onto anything I own.
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