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    Auto feeders

    Hello, over the past 20 years or so I have used some auto feeders fastened to 45 gallon drums for feeding wildlife, ducks and pheasants in that order, these feeders have reached the end of their days.
    I run my own smallish nature reserve on a none proffit basis and have to be carefull with finances.
    So can anyone recomend a supplier of auto feeder units at sensable prices, as when I google them they are very expensive compaired with the same sort of unit in other countries.
    Thank you.

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    Ive bought several over the past few years, they usually cost 50 to 70 depending on model.

    cheapest I have seen is this one which looks good and has a vermin guard
    I was going to try one

    Automatic Feeder, Bird, Deer, Pheasant, Duck, Chicken, Partridge, Game. Solar | eBay

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