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Thread: Roe hung up on fence

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    Roe hung up on fence

    I've heard about this being a problem with these fences but never seen it till the other day

    poor bugger

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    My lab got caught up on a fence in the same way, fortunately I was on hand to untangle him!!


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    Seen similiar too many times now, must be a significant cause of mortality in some areas.

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    Willie Gunn had posted a similar picture of a roe hung up in the same way

    nothing worse at the time than seeing your own dog caught up like that, the problems of teaching a dog to jump

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    I never let my dogs jump stock fences, if you need to get him over it then put him over, if I'd wounded a deer and needed to get a dog on it I would still lift him over, if you only nicked the deer the chances are the dog will never get near it anyway and if its hit hard enough that the dog would catch it youve probably got enough time to help the dog over without the deer getting away,
    just my take on it

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    I shot a fallow pricket [spiker] some years ago in similar circumstances, I had passed by the spot on my way out to the end of the piece of ground & was returning about an hour & a half later when I saw the animal, it had clearly become entangled in this short intervening period whilst jumping the fence onto the farm from the surrounding forestry. I considered trying to release it but the chance of a panicked spiker buck lashing out & catching me was very real & any way it was hard to ascertain how much injury it had caused itself already [it subsequently proved to be quite severe]. I decided to back quietly away & waited for the animal to calm itself before shooting from a concealed prone position, the wire was so tightly wound, & had bitten into the joint that it was a real effort to release - I didn't want to remove the lower leg as I had to drag the animal for a distance & wanted to keep it as clean as possible.
    One wonders how many animals get hung up on remote fences around large forestry blocks & never found ? Quite a few I would imagine.

    Regards, Tyke.

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    I've shot three over the last couple of years caught like this. I don't think any of them would have survived having seen the internal damage they had done whilst trying to get free. I would no longer consider releasing them to a slow miserable death, no matter how fit they seem while caught. Once they are running away even with three legs working it is unlikely that a clean killing shot will be possible.
    Just my view.

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    Deer suffer so much from shock that i always think the chance of recovery is so slim that it is always so much more humane to dispatch them in these situations if you find them alive wich is quite common,Just one of those things like road casualties

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    I've had to put down two young fallow that have got caught in the same fence in two months now. It is a double fence with a metre between the fences where small blackthorn plants have been put in. The poor wee beggars get stuck in the middle and hung up on the wire too. Fortunately the lady who owns the newly planted hedge and fences has now taken out the end of the fences so anything that gets into the middle can get out. It seems to be just too wide for the followers to bounce over.

    I am beginning to think that double strands of barbed wire are a menace!

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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