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Thread: Marcbo Banning?

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    Marcbo Banning?

    When is Marcbo being reinstated?

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    He was a bit of a mitty and really quite arrogant from what I saw, so no massive loss in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gixer1 View Post
    He was a bit of a mitty and really quite arrogant from what I saw, so no massive loss in my opinion.
    Seems like admin/owners are happy to close threads whenever the membership politely suggest they are out of order .... playground bully personified!

    you really couldn't make it up.

    And if you banned SD members for arrogance I can think of many who should go .....

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    Pretty sad that people with character are banned. We're all grown ups and can choose what we want to read or not read without this silly censoring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AimN4X View Post
    When is Marcbo being reinstated?
    Never hopefully!
    I think some people should remind themselves that we are merely guests on this forum at the invitation of the owners. If you outstay your welcome, then you re gone - simple!
    This is not for you or I to judge, but the site owners, but is one of the reasons that this site is a success, because inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated.
    If you don't like it, then don't come back! Its that simple really.

    I can see a major membership 'cull' looming at this rate. Accept it and move on - life is too short for petty squabbles.
    How about another pointless poll 'should MARCBO' have been banned? Get over it!
    Last edited by Monkey Spanker; 15-04-2015 at 18:10.

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    I wish I was interesting enough to be banned from something!

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    I thought he was forthright, stood up or what he believed, and wasn't afraid to speak his mind........

    Sad day when attributes such as those result in a ban. Poor show, Admin
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    I can't think of anyone that's been banned that didn't have his little harem of supporters..

    Therefore nobody would ever be banned according to some folks logic..

    Tough job owning a site and pleasing everyone.. I wonder how many of the knitting circle brigade and arm chair warriors would have kept their patience and tolerance for the numerous wancrs this site attracts these days.
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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