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Thread: first ever roe buck

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    first ever roe buck

    well that's it I,ve popped my deer cherry as to speak .I bought a cracking ruger m77 mk2 .243 a while back with the intent of getting into shooting deer
    so over the past few months I have been out with a mate who is a very experienced stalker so I can learn the ropes from him before I take my first shot at a deer .
    he took me out on numerous occasions while doing his deer control work .
    over the last fortnight we have been watching some roe doe on my permission and it all came together last night at 8.04pm .
    we had been watching the doe for about 45 mins when something spooked them and away into the neighbouring wood they disappeared so we drove to the other end of the farm wher as we rounded a bend in the road I spotted a buck standing in the corner of one of my fields .
    so we drove 2 fields down and into the gate and skirted the edge of the field until we were in the field next to the one he was in .
    while getting the rifle out I could not believe my eyes when on the road we had just drove down there was a disco slowly coming in the opposite direction with 4 young lads in and each of the passengers had a dog on their lap with the windows wide open scanning my permission as they went I made sure they seen us and watched them out of sight .
    back to my we are in the field next to the one with the buck in gear on and rifle ready with the safety in the total lock position .
    we set off slowly creeping up the hedge / wall on the opposite side to him after a few minuets we come to a small open area in the hedge and can see him standing broadside to us with a perfect backstop behind him .
    my mate ranged him at 126yds so I got comfortable and rested on the wall let my breathing calm down and send the 100gr federal sp on its way .
    bang on he jumped up a little and fell on the spot giving a little bit of a kick where he fell and that was it my first ever roe buck with my new rifle on my permission .
    sorry for poor quality picture phone not the best for pictures
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    Congratulations, job well done. Don't worry about the photo - it is far better composed than the ancient photo of my first deer.

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    Good for you now you've popped your cherry, may there be many more.

    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Congratulations. One you will always remember.

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    Well done, nice write up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tis1979 View Post
    Well done, nice write up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tis1979 View Post
    Well done, nice write up.
    +2, and hope you have many more memorable stalks, and enjoy the meat,

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    good one nice write up you always remember the first one mine was on a mates ground and was a 6 pointer I will always be grateful to my mate not only for taking me on his ground for my first buck but for letting me shoot one of the best bucks that was taken on his ground that year

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    Congratulations! First of many, I hope
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    thanks for the comments lads if I,m honest I,m still buzzing a little with it ....
    until I had the animal in my sights getting ready to take the shot and then keeping him in my sights once the shot was taken and he was down I did wonder what all the fuss about stalking was about ..............I now understand and must say I,m hooked ....

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