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Thread: North Wales Police one for one?

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    North Wales Police one for one?

    Has anyone had a one for one done by North Wales Police recently? If so, what was the timescale? They have had mine for over a month now and no sign!
    Also, has anyone ever gone there in person to have one done face to face?


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    I did a "one for one" with North Wales Police a year or so ago and they were great. I wanted to buy a new .270 but didn't want a forced sale of my current .270, NWP were told of the problem and issued me a temporary (6 months) additional slot on a separate piece of paper so that I could buy my new rifle and not be rushed into selling my old one, really can't knock that. I live near the Firearms Dept. in Prestatyn and it's based in a large police station where public access is through heavy security. I have been inside for a face to face with the senior FLO but that was many years ago, in recent contacts e.g. to pick up the above piece of paper I've been asked to phone ahead and meet the FLO outside so I'm guessing they try to avoid having people inside the building.

    I am currently renewing my SGC and they've had it for about 6 weeks, I phoned them yesterday to see if they were going to issue it before it ran out (about 10 days) and they said they were not far along the process and would miss the date, I got the impression they were very busy. I said I was asking in case I might have to put my shotguns with my RFD but the person on the end of the phone said "don't worry I'll issue you a temporary certificate" and it arrived today dated to the end of July. Again I really can't say fairer than that and have to say that every time I've phoned them they've been extremely helpful, such a difference from about 10 years ago.

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    thanks for the reply paul, as i say in the other thread we shall see!

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    mines bin in since 4/3 many phone calls, waiting for fo to visit as they don't think .222 is Deer Legal !!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1kevb View Post
    mines bin in since 4/3 many phone calls, waiting for fo to visit as they don't think .222 is Deer Legal !!!!!
    i think the problem might be that the .222 is only deer legal for muntjac and CWD of which there are (officially) none in the NWP area, and only if it meets the minimum ballistic requirements. Of course if you are going after one of these species elsewhere it shouldn't be a problem.

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