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Thread: Digital scales

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    Digital scales

    A query regarding digital scales. Don't want to get into a debate of digital vs beam.

    is there a reliable digital scale that I can buy for up to around 100 ish?

    if so what would you recommend?

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    Whichever you buy, get a few good check-weights and use them often.
    Certainly before the start of a run where the balance is in use.
    It's obvious really but folk often don't bother and take the balance on faith whichever type it is
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I haven't found one. The ones I've purchased (three or four) were accurate enough for rough measurements of bullets or cases, but eventually crapped out. There are a few very high end units from PACT, and others, that work well but need to be warmed up for 30 minutes before use, and have all the usual foibles with proximity of cell phones, etc.~Muir

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