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Thread: Yukon Photon Doubler Lens Kit inc 1.7x Lens

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    Yukon Photon Doubler Lens Kit inc 1.7x Lens

    Yukon Photon Doubler Lens Kit - price 70GBP posted. Paid 135GBP on Scottcountry website.

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    If anyone buys this , I have the silicone sealant recomended for use to connect the doubler to the photon. Let me know if interested.

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    Is it new or used ?

    Can you post it to Spain ?



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    Yes price included postage to Spain. It was used for about month, looks new.

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    Ok new to this how do I go about the purchase please.


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    Sorry to digress - but what did you fit it to and why are you getting rid ?
    I ask because I am using a Photon 4.6 x 42 and was considering a doubler - so any real world feedback might prevent a wasted purchase.
    apols for butting in

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    It works great with Photon, image is much better with doubler. There is one condition, adapter has to be glued to objective to hold zero. I shoot wildboars up to 100yards so I don't need extra zoom and scope with doubler is bulky.

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