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Thread: Steyr Scout .243

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    Steyr Scout .243

    For sale is my .243 Steyr Scout which I have had 6 years now. I first bought a .223 Scout in 2004 after reading a Shooting Times review which raved about them. I've had one ever since and will still have my .308 one.
    I am selling to buy a .17 Hornet- and if I had enough cash, I wouldn't be selling it at all.

    It has two five shot magazines (one of which lives in the butt) which have two positions so you can work the bolt without
    chambering a fresh round.

    It has adjustable length of pull with some simple push-fit spacers.

    It has the fantastic Steyr hard plastic case.

    It has some very clever push-and-twist swivels that can be fitted on either side.

    It has a very usable integral bipod with cant adjustment which is my favourite feature!

    It is the Steyr SBS action with the rotary three position safety and the single-set trigger which is very good in both modes.

    It has a 20" long, 1-10" fluted barrel.

    It is threaded with 1/2" threads for a mod and includes my Wildcat Predator 8 over-barrel mod which leaves it short enough to be a perfect truck gun.

    Bore and crown are perfect.

    For the first two years, I only fired around 80 shots and since then have fired around 150 a year so total shot count is close to 700.

    It loves 70g Nosler from Federal but also shoots 58g Vmax from both Norma and Hornady incredibly well. A recent 400y three shot group measured just 1.25" high and 3.5" wide.

    You are welcome to try it out here at 100y and 300y.

    Face to face or RFD at your cost.

    No scope offered for sale but can include High or X-High Warne 30mm mounts for 30.

    Any questions, feel free to PM.
    Thanks for looking

    Price including silencer = 700 or reasonable offers.
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    Another two crows at 208 and 226 yards with this rifle this morning
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    Good to see the odd steyr mannlicher scout about. I have one in .308W, has some good safety features as well. Great gun and would not want to trade it for a blaser any time.

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    Would be interested to have a chat with you about this gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonniedawson View Post
    Would be interested to have a chat with you about this gun.
    PM sent

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    Still doing the business on the Crows this week

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    hi there I am very interested in the gun , but only have a budget of 500 what can you do.

    regards Jason.

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