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Thread: Atlas Bipod or Atlas Bipod Clone

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    Atlas Bipod or Atlas Bipod Clone

    Got two bipods and only need one....come to realise I very rarely use them. So will sell one....

    #1 Genuine Atlas bipod purchased from Tacfire system for 180 quid. 150 QUID INCLUDING P&P

    #2 The other is a good clone which I taken apart and improved. Same functionality as the real one, but a little bit more play in the machining quality. Cost 45 quid from new. 99% as good as the real one for 25% of the price. 35 QUID INCLUDING P&P

    Both of them are in perfect condition.

    As you can tell by the prices, I am trying to sell the clone and not the real one.
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    Do you have a photo of the clone?

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    Hi Johnmcface

    Not at the moment, I am away working until next week.

    However I can assure it looks identical to the genuine one. I struggle to tell them apart in daylight, except one has some small white lettering on the side. Works just the same as well, just the engineering tolerances are not quite as good.

    I can provide photos a week friday. Happy to wait until then if you are.

    Leadpig. PM sent back. I would much prefer to sell the clone I (after thinking about it).

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    Both still for sale. Pictures available next friday (probably)

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    I will take the clone please but would like to see photo's next Friday please, just to be 100%.

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    Deal agreed with foxyloxy for clone.
    Will close thread when paypal cash received

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    If deal with foxyloxy falls though, clonie is yours subject to satisfactory pictures
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    Sold to foxyloxy.

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