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Thread: R8 270 reloading kit list

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    R8 270 reloading kit list

    Hello Gents

    Complete newcomer to reloading. Watched Spud1967 beginners youtube vid and just downloaded Modern Reloading Edition 1 to my phone and started reading. Also watched a roe stalker on YouTube .

    In the not distant future, hope to have a go at reloading a few 100 spent Norma 130 SP cases. Objective of producing a round with similar or better performance.

    If I go down the cheap and cheerful Lee Classic handloader and an auto prime route, what else should I buy as well? Can I F / L on the hand loader ?

    I have some cheap electronic scales I use for measuring saltpetre for charcuterie, so they could be OK for powder ? Also some cheap ebay electronic calipers lying around somewhere.

    Don't want to buy too much stuff as limited cupboard space in my study.

    Thanks for any tips on what kit to get.

    Obviously I will not start playing around until I have a better knowledge base.

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    I've got the lee breech lock kit, which is more than adequate. You're welcome to pop round to my place to have a look and give it a go if you like. I have a .270 as well. I'm not far from Rhynie.
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    The lee loader only neck sizes, but will be fine by all accounts. I would also get a Lee perfect powder scale and case trimming and deburring bits and bobs. The Lee manual is good too. You can only reload cases that will actually chamber in your rifle with the lee loader (some cases fired in other rifles might not chamber in yours and would need full length sizing)

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    Didn't I hear somewhere that it's better to fl size for a blaser (neck only might cause issues?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Didn't I hear somewhere that it's better to fl size for a blaser (neck only might cause issues?)
    Indeed, I've found it better to f/l size for the R93.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    Indeed, I've found it better to f/l size for the R93.
    Sorry I missed that it was a blaser - can't comment on whether neck sizing will work.

    The offer to try my kit (I have f/l die) still stands.

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    if its any help give us a bell 01263 732740
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    Thanks very much Takbok. It would be very useful to see reloading in the flesh before I start playing around. I am probably about 15 miles west and uphill from you. I am away at the moment (not prison), but should be back in a few weeks. Do my shopping in Huntly now and then so will send you a PM.

    R8 is still in the pipeline, but always good to research in advance.


    I have been reading the older threads regarding Blaser necksizing/full length sizing.....I assume the R8 has same cam mechanism as the R93.....therefore a cheap and cheerful press recommended?

    If anybody has some second hand gear they want to sell....?


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    Sorry Spud, was typing a reply when your comment appeared.
    Will give you a ring.
    Enjoyed your video......pitched at the right level for a simpleton such as myself.

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