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Thread: Shocking video of poachers using lurchers

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    Shocking video of poachers using lurchers

    This video has just emerged and shows the shocking footage of a stag at bay with lurchers the exhausted animal does not stand a chance it shows the total disregard for animal welfare and goes to show the reality of what these sort of people get up to disgusting......
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    Game dogs for sure.

    I have an excellent book about taking deer with dogs when it was legal not so long ago, some amazing photographs in it.

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    Almost sounds like you're in admiration of these c***s.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I just get bored of the same old crap being regurgitated endlessly .

    Wasn`t that long ago that all sportsmen stood together , including working dog men. Once that sport was banned it didn`t seem long until they were branded scum by the self righteous.

    Funny how the hunt fraternity haven`t been dumped into that bracket yet, but I suppose thats because stalkers aren`t interested in foxes. Won`t be long I imagine.

    And if you read my post, my comment was about the dogs, not the thick idiots with them.

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    Yeah RA about time they bring back bear baiting, dog fights and cock fighting as well isn't it?
    After all they were also thought of as 'sport' at one time....."

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    Those shower of drug dealing knackers deserve whats coming to them. Cowards were afraid of their ###t of the stag so stood there watching.
    But i can see Rake Aboots point, wild boar hunts are the same. Hunted by dogs, then held by dogs until the coup de grace is delivered.
    Many wirehaired german pointers are trained to take hold of injured deer until the stalker can finish the job.
    Stag hunting with hounds is the same.
    There will always be scumbags in any line of sport from football to stalking. There are many that call us scumbags because we shoot deer. From what i took from rake aboots original post is that it was once a common way to hunt deer and for that it is an interesting subject. Just look at the paintings in the grand houses of the UK and Ireland and you will see it.
    Here in Ireland at the moment our gun laws are about to change. How severe those changes will be is not known yet. But it is not inconceivable that at some time in the future politicians will ban some form of our sport, be it stalking, lamping or whatever. That does not make what we do wrong, it means that along the road someone in power will decide what is right or wrong.
    Im not condoning what these clowns are doing in any way, i just think we can sometimes jump on others comments too readily

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    The difference is the suffering caused and the intentions of those involved. Yes, even in stalking stuff happens, but you should strive to make the kill as quick and painless as possible. Dogs on rabbits, hares, and even foxes, kill quick. Stag hounds put stags to bay, while the huntsman finishes the job with a gun. Even on pig hunts using dogs the aim is (or should be) to finish the job as quickly and humanely as possible. These people have no interest in ending suffering, or bringing the hunt to a quick conclusion for the sake of the beast. They ENJOY seeing animals suffer. THAT is the difference. Sickening.


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    Lupus i agree with you 100%. They are cowards that deserve whats coming to them, which should be a nice stretch inside considering 20k worth of cocaine was found during the raid on them.

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    Looked like a chance interception to me of a none target species by the dogs.
    It obviously showed the guy`s inexperience with such quarry . But still no excuse it should of been ended at the very start.
    That book you have RakeAboot if its the one im thinking of its full of lies and ugly people.
    But full of game dogs..

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