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Thread: tapping away between contractions..

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    tapping away between contractions..

    ayup lads n lasses, ive been reading the posts for some time now and with the wife marching round and round the dining table between contractions i thought id do the selfless thing and enjoy the forum with my first post...
    Ive not been stalking long and luckily joined a really good syndicate close to home down south near bournemouth (plenty of sika,fallow,red,roe)...Having just finished my dsc1 and realising i still know bugger all like many i guess that if i could start again i would certainly not be carrying much of the equipment id currently purchased.. hindsight hey..
    Ive been target shooting near thirty years with various game,vermin shooting.. ex forces lad going back at fourty two years young missing my hand gun disciplines and slr.. third wife(seems to be a forces thing) just about to have first baby by the sounds of it tho will be my fourth.. hence bushnell on a remmie 710 all in for 500 tho i can group the bugger with the best of em at 100 n 200..
    Ive met one or two fellas on here already at various venues and although lacking in stalking experience i hope to post regularly ( whilst nappies need changing preferably )...
    Id better be off as i think im wearing thin and some well justified hugs, kisses and support are due..
    Hi danny well done on your result pm me mate for my address
    Congratulations on a fantastic informative site with a great sense of humour..
    regards terry

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    Hello Terry, welcome to the site. Hope everything goes well for your good wife and its an easy delivery.

    In between the sleepless nights and nappy changes I hope you find the time to put some posts on the site. Let us know if its a boy or girl

    Good luck.

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    Hi Terry,
    Its nice to see another Ex-Forces chap on here. There are a few of us, although its hard to stalk quietly with the medals 'jingling' isn't it!

    Please don't be shy, get stuck in with the posts. It gets a bit boring otherwise, reading posts from the usual ten or so members. Good luck with the baby.

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    welcome to the site terry,
    it is always good when some one new gets involved, this is a very friendly site with some very knowledgable stalkers on it , just ask and see what happens, as there seems to be some one always there to help, just not sure how many offers of help ,you will get on the nappy changing though

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    Hi Terry

    you will soon learn to juggle baby and shooting when my little boy was a baby and he wouldnt sleep i used to take him rabbit shooting in the summer with my .22 and the vibration of the jeep used to send him a sleep while i shot out of the jeep window he still comes out with me now and loves it teach them young
    Good luck with the new arrival

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    Terry mate, welcome you are most welcome . I hope all goes well with the birth.


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    Hi everyone many thanks for the warm and encouraging welcome and your best wishes ..
    After a mammoth labour ( it was heart wrenching to see the girl you adore coping ) and with a little help reece was born 11/3/08 at 0425am weighing a respectable eight pounds... Unfortunatly emma and reece remain in hospital because of minor complications.. The midwife, doctors and nurses were amazing truly awesome... i was as white as my good wife was red but thankfully both should be coming home tomorrow... fingers crossed...
    I shall be showing emma your post ladystalker as any reasoning that gets you out in the field must be explored so many thanks..
    Im looking forward to meeting and wetting the babys head with as many of you as possible so will start the diet after christmas..

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    Congratulations to you both and best wishes, hope you dont get to many sleepless nites or if you do make sure you are well stocked up with ammo for the bunny bashing and dont forget the nappies and bottles

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    tapping away between contractions....

    Hi, Terry..Congratulations!!! Troop, from your syndicate commander in chief,Land Forces ..NewForest,See your A..E in the grass ASAP, IF YOU CAN KEEP AWAKE!! give the proud Mum my and Nat,s very best wishes

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