Well im in no doubt im going to regret this but the powers that be insist that something has to go before I get any new additions and so regrettably im placing these two up for sale:

Ruger No1 S in 7mm Rem Mag, it was brand new when I purchased it and the round count is less than 100. obviously its in mint condition and its an absolute dream to handle and shoot, im wanting 850 for this, I can arrange to have it sent via RFD but it will be at an additional cost to the buyer.

Ruger No1 B in .243, Stainless laminate model, again with a round count of under 300 it has a few light marks on the stock but otherwise mint condition 600, Again I can arrange shipping but at an additional cost to buyer.

still got a couple more No1's (projects) stored away as id never be without one or two in the cabinet but ive got my eye on something else hence the sale.

will try and get some photos added but in the meantime I can send them via email.