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    Härkila Kamko

    Anybody use the Härkila Kamko technical fleece jacket for hunting or outdoor activities? I think it feels like the most durable and windproof fleece I have ever seen.

    And its pretty cool that its reversible so you can use it for several different thing.

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    I have lived in a Q-fleece, which I think is pretty much the same thing, for the last twelve months. Brilliant - and I shall be buying another.
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    Had the q jacket since September 2011. Worn almost every day and for hunting. Currently looking to upgrade when it wears out to a similar harkila.
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    Had a Kamko for the last 4 years - it's invariably my go-to non-waterproof jacket unless it's really cold out.

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    Would highly recommend it. I have worn mine in the depth of winter on cold frosty days and also as a 3rd layer under my jacket if its is really cold and I need a waterproof coat on too. The windproofing is excellent. I would not recommend trying to waterproof it with a polar proof though.
    Now available in Orange reversible or Black reversible. So you don't have to have any orange at all.

    Plenty in stock in Harkila and we have a few in stock too.

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