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Thread: Feral goats and feral sheep

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    Cool Feral goats and feral sheep

    How easy is it to get a variation for these. They are both present on my permissions.

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    I didnt have a problem, just get the Deer and any other lawful quarry condition as reccommened by ACPO and you are covered.

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    I had no problem with haveing wild goat as a condition on my FAC, all it took was a letter from the land owner stating i could shoot wild goats on his land,

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    Before the 'and other lawful quarry' was invented, I asked for boar and goat. They asked me for letters from land-owners with these animals on their land, and where I had permission to shoot; but when I explained that I would refrain from shooting the specified animals if they weren't there, they gave me the condition without the letters.
    Seemed fair enough, really.

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    Feral Goats I know all about but feral sheep?? What exactly are they and where are they found? I cannot see any reference to them in any of the standard quarry lists?

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