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Thread: Various Shooting books

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    Various Shooting books

    The Game shooting handbook- Mike Barnes 10 delivered
    Pheasant Shooting- David Hudson 10 delivered
    The Sporting Shotgun 2nd ed- Robin Marshall Ball 15 delivered
    Driven game shooting- Derek Bingham 10 delivered
    Running a shoot – J.C. Jeremy Hobson 10 delivered Sold
    BASC Guide to shooting game- Michael Yardley 10 delivered
    Butchering Small game & birds- John Bezzant 10 delivered
    The BASC Handbook of Shooting- 10 delivered
    Fit for Table 10 delivered
    Rough Shooting –Mike barnes 10 delivered
    Fair Game,Law of Country Sports 8 delivered
    Total Airgun- Pete Wadeson 10 delivered
    Airgun Hunting- Johnathan Darcy 10 delivered
    Shooting Pigeons-John Humphreys 10 delivered SOLD
    A Practical Guide to Modern Gamekeeping-J.C.Jeremy Hobson 10 delivered
    Rabbiting-Sean Frain 10 delivered
    Complete Gundog-John Humpreys 10 delivered
    Vislas 6 delivered SOLD
    Training dogs for woodland stalking-GuyWallace 5 delivered SOLD
    Deer stalkers guide to home meat prep-Ian Alcock 10 delivered
    Sporting Shooting & the Law-NGO 5 delivered
    Gamekeepers & the Law-NGO 5 delivered
    BASC Pest & Predator control handbook 8 delivered
    BASC Wildfowling handbook 8 delivered
    The Specialist Gundog- Guy Wallace 10 delivered Sold
    Trees Deer & The Law-Richard Prior 15 delivered SOLD
    Rabbiting-Bob Smithson 8 delivered
    Sporting Pigeon shooting-Michael Brander 8 delivered
    Practical Deer Stalking-G Kenneth Whitehead pb 8 delivered SOLD
    Rabbit control- Jackie Drackeford 8 delivered
    Butchering Deer-John Weiss 8 delivered
    Roe Deer Biology& Management-PR Ratcliffe 10 delivered SOLD
    Wildlife Rangers Handbook 1985-Forestry Commission 10 delivered
    The Sporting Rifle,A Users Guide-Robin Marshall Ball 15 delivered
    Practical Woodland Stalking-Graham Downing 15 delivered SOLD
    Deer Management-Dominic Griffith 10 delivered SOLD
    The Deer Stalking Handbook-Graham Downing 10 delivered SOLD
    Sporting Rifle-Bruce Potts 15 delivered
    Shooting For Beginners-Graham Downing 10 delivered
    Deer Best Practice guides,England & Wales-The Deer initiative 40 delivered Sold pending
    The Sporting rifle book of foxing 10 delivered
    Total Airgun Hunting the Book 10 delivered
    Sporting Rifle the shooter 10 delivered
    Culling & processing of Wild Deer-FC 10 delivered

    Nearly all the books are not read so as new.

    Payment via Paypal gift
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    Ill take roe deer biology and practical deer stalking please

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    Can I take Shooting Pigeons-John Humphreys 10 delivered please,
    Pm payment details and I will get money over to you

    Cheers Matt

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    I'll take vizslas please
    sending a PM now

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    please can I have ,practical woodland stalking, deer management ,and the deer stalking handbook please , and palmer-mike beat me to the other !

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    Training dogs for woodland stalking please. Thank you, J

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    Yes to all

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    Pm sent to you treecutter.

    Nice collection of books.

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