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Thread: What is it?

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    What is it?

    Picture taken Saturday morning as I was leaving my stalking ground.

    Plenty of deer around, great mornig out, but nothing to take home this time

    What do you think is in the pic

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Roe Doe dead centre, head only.


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    Agreed. But then I've been known to be wrong even when I am certain

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    Assuming you are not talking about the tree and the ivy in the foreground id say roe deer hiding in the back ground in the centre of the pic.

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    Looks like a roe doe but the harder i look the more i'm not sure that it might be nothing but bushes,a bit or deeritis maybe.

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    Probably my mate having a dump hes always doing it
    Its brilliant that real tree suit hes got

    If you find any brown vipers its definitely him
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    I could swear it's a 'roo, but how likely is that?

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    I also think it looks like a roe doe but with big ears, could it be a CWD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrygrey382 View Post
    I could swear it's a 'roo, but how likely is that?
    Funny you say that Harry i was thinking it looked a bit like a wallaby then i thought don't be stupid,could be i suppose.

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    A roe doe I think, did you "spot"it or see it walk in and then look out?

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