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Thread: Hello to all

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    Hello to all

    Hello Gents,

    Just a quick message to introduce myself.

    As my user name suggests i'm the younger of two steve's, and have lived in Northern Germany for the last five years.

    I currently run two rifles, a Tikka M595 .243 for Roe and a Heym SR21 .308 for fallow/Red/Boar

    I help manage a Revier here which allows me the privlage of shooting in Germany. i've held my jagdshein since moving here (German hunting licence, which must be completed prior to any discpline of shooting undertaken), and also a DSC L1 holder prior to arriving in Germany.

    I have two young daughters with the oldest already accomanying me on Ansitz, (silent high seat shoots). and the youngest always wanting to see what im doing when butchering and dressing in the garage.

    well thats about it for me but i'd be happy to answer any questions anyone may have.


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    re new intro

    Hi Steve,
    I also live in Germany, Bavaria so do enjoy the lively forum.

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