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Thread: Peltor SportTac Electronic Shooting Hunting Ear Muff by 3M Peltor with covers

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    Peltor SportTac Electronic Shooting Hunting Ear Muff by 3M Peltor with covers

    Sold pending the usual

    I have for sale a pair of Used Peltor Sportac Electronic ear defenders. I myself don't get round to using them as I prefer plugs, so they have seen very little use.

    They come with the original box and instructions, immaculate condition, box is a little marked from storage, items are unmarked.

    Normal sounds are amplified yet cut out high frequency noises such as gun fire making them ideal for stalking as you can hear most everything going on around you.

    I am after 75 posted, UK Mainland. They come with the green and orange covers, but I will remove the

    2 batteries and pack them separate.

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    Second dibs if sale falls through please.
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