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Thread: meopta or vortex!

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    meopta or vortex!

    As title which one as a cheapish scope for my first rifle ? Thinking of getting a .270 first then the .22-250

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    Answer will depend on what mag range etc. you want - but both are fine scopes in terms of glass for the money.
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    I have a meopta clear crisp ,you wont go wrong with one,

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    I've had a few Meopta scopes and still have a couple now. I love them and find them clear. Cannot speak for Vortex.

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    Hi Doug, sounds like you are getting on well with your Meopta then? Delighted you are. To be honest, I wish I had kept it! Still, I'm sure you are using it more than I did. Cheers, Rupert

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rupert J View Post
    I've had a few Meopta scopes and still have a couple now. I love them and find them clear. Cannot speak for Vortex.
    PS I GOT MINE OFF RUPERT,best buy ive ever had cheers mate ,beat me to it rj yes its going on my 6,5 end of this week, and when im flush im going to find another to put on a rimmie,!!
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    I have a vortex pst viper can't fault as good as if not a little better than my mark 4 leupold its amazing scope and unconditional lifetime guarantee pretty good for the money

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    HAve a 6x44 Meopta on my .270
    very clear

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    Never had a Vortex, but own a few Meopta scopes , amazing scopes for the money ..

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    I'd say it depends whether you're after a "technical" scope or a more "classic" one. (Vortex for the first and Meopta for the second.)
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