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Thread: sightron scope vs night force scope

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    sightron scope vs night force scope

    I currently have a night force scope for lamping and have heard that sightron are better with a front mounted nv add on. Does anyone have a view on this or can anyone recommend anything better for use with nightvision

    many thanks

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    I'm more likely to think that there is no suitable front mounted system. My personal opinion only.
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    Hi george

    I have never been a fan of night force scopes they seem very tight fov no mater what size mag you use, so I would imagine that using it with a front mounted nv scope my be a problem if the fov proves to be inhibited by the scopes structure,

    The other thing you could do is have a look at the nv forum and search what your after there, I sold a few things to get myself a armasite drone pro and have not looked back since, now I'm saving for a wee cheap 222 to make it my full time set up nv rig,

    If I was in your shoes I would have sold the nf and purchased the drone, but that's me sir not you,

    Have a look at the nv form bud it may help,

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    If I were using a front-mounted NVD I'be be looking for a solidly-built scope to hang it off. Sightron scopes have many good qualities, but their reputation doesn't rest on their strength. Nightforce make a point of it.

    If you have an extended rail you can sit the NVD on then then ignore the above comment.
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