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Thread: Red Deer lost due to bad weather?

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    Red Deer lost due to bad weather?

    Did any of you loose Reds this past winter due to bad weather?
    Here in Caithness it was another very mild winter and I did not see any losses, however on my ground in Wester-Ross the weather got realy bad in the new year and the hinds lost condition very quickly.
    When the majority of snow melted after the season end, I found a lot dead, mainly at the back of fences etc.

    I am interested in how others fared.

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    Not bad this year in Argyll compared to last year where there were dozens dead and dying all over the estate. It has been much kinder to them this winter and spring.

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    I haven't heard of any reports on and around where I stalk in Inverness-shire, Argyll and Perthshire. Obviously (esp in the west) we had snow for a long time but it was dry in between falls and they seemed to be getting through it to feed.

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    Mate shot three calves two weeks ago that were to weak to stand. A lot of stags and hind in very poor condition as well. I think the constant wind with rain was worse than the snow this winter, in Wester Ross anyway.

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    Thanks, looks like I was not alone in losing animals in wester-ross.
    Mossypaw, I did not realise you had constant wind and rain, I had not been over since the end of october.

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    Putting my head above the parapet - and being content to profess ignorance - is there a deer management issue here with all those dead deer? Too many deer? Or, is it new fencing upsetting deer movement? Or what? I think there are many on here who would love to hear what you highland stalkers think.

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    I dont think its a Deer management issue at all.
    The deer are counted, checked and double checked by the Deer commision and their numbers kept in check by all the estates and forests.
    I do think its nature, as during January the snow was very deep and the animals were all struggling and it looks like they were already down in weight because of the rain and wind etc.
    I know its swings and round a bouts, in that this year we lost animals, next year it will be somewhere else.
    I was only asking as I wished to know how widespread it was this winter, with it being so mild where I live.

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    It's proven that exposure kills red deer on the hill more readily than starvation (the effect of over population). Persistent rain seems to drive exposure in red deer more than just cold.

    The fencing issue is relevant to the above of course where deer are denied access to traditional woodland wintering grounds for shelter from the elements.

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    Have to say I've seen a lot as I've travelled around Scotland mostly up around Kyle way

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    A guy at work who I was taking to had seen a lot of dead deer near Whitebridge last weekend , I wont mention the estate name as its one of our customers .

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