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Thread: Nice hour out. (Varminting video)

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    Nice hour out. (Varminting video)

    Hi guys

    Went out on one of the farms last night, keeping an eye out for the crows while the sheep are lambing, not a bloody crow in site!

    Caught and shot this rabbit and pigeon on camera, not my usual long range, rabbit 240 yards, simple shot, just dialed out 1.5 MOA for a half value 12 mph wind from the left to right. The pigeon was a similar shot, 265 yards with the same windage values and direction.

    Enjoy guys.

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    Useless. They weren't headshot......
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    dead ground
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Singing Stalker View Post
    Useless. They weren't headshot......

    Head shots are the norm at that range on rabbits, but I was a little unsure with the wind so went for a heart/top end shot, the shot struck perfectly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hereford View Post
    dead ground


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadrach2986 View Post
    Nice shooting mate,

    Cheers matey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 247sniper View Post
    he means there is ground between you and the target that you cannot see in the video, the possibility is that a person or stock animal may appear suddenly from that "dead ground" without warning. obviously you know the lie of the land and we don't.
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