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Thread: Best buck of my life

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    Best buck of my life

    Was out on Thursday night lamping a farm with a friend where the farmer was wanting rabbits shot so we duely went and did our rounds and managed 19 rabbits plus a big dog fox so got home and bedded for 01:30 and decided to go back out for stalk in morning so up again at 04:30 and out for a look and after 30 minutes spotted what looked to be a decent buck so after a short stalk managed to get a shot off at 100 metres and cleanly took the buck.
    Got up to the buck and realised just how good he was, certainly the best I have ever shot and one I'll remember for a long time.
    Boiled out head and had a wet weight of 860gms.
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    welll done, that looks a very nice head and a very productive evening,night and morning : regards sbm

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    Looks like a probable gold to me. Nice buck.

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    What a corker... A perfect reward for insomnia, bet you're glad you decided to head out again, sometimes you just have "that" feeling that something good is going to happen if you go out.

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    well done that's a great head

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    Well done that man, lucky you. Let us know what it scores please, as and when.

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    Does it suffer from Osteitis Deformans?

    Interesting head.


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    Great buck!! congrats, with that wet weight will definitely make a gold looks as it will have good volume as well, think it should dry out to about 750g


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    A cracker, well done that man

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    Cracking malform Johnny,looks to have good volume should score high.

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