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Thread: Brace yourself for more firearms delays in Scotland

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    Brace yourself for more firearms delays in Scotland

    Anger as police slash number of firearms enquiry officers | Deadline News

    THE number of dedicated Police Scotland firearms inspectors is to be slashed from 34 to just 14, a leading authority on shooting revealed yesterday.
    Colin Shedden, Scottish Director of The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said he had been told about the cuts by “upset” police staff.
    Firearms enquiry officers are highly-trained civilians employed by Police Scotland to make sure gun owners are complying with strict laws on keeping weapons and ammunition safe.
    They also carry out background checks on applicants to try to ensure deadly weapons to not get into the wrong hands.

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    It's not just Scotland, most, if not all, UK constabularries are undertaking the same process. D&C are reducing the numbers of specialist FEOs and farming the rump of enquiries out to regular coppers. At last renewal my FEO was less than impressed that she would be having to apply for her own job at a reduced salary.

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    they have more civilian admin in Fettes now
    I met one chap the last time who had just been brought in

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