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Thread: first clean buck of the season

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    Wink first clean buck of the season

    Went out at 6 this morning to apiece of land where I have taken 3 bucks so far this season but all in velvet.went up into a highseat for a better look over a young plantation and could see 3 roe way out in the distance as I was watching them some movement to my left caught my eye here was a doe grazing 30 feet away from the highseat .the 3 roe I had been watching were now were walking towards me but turned and walked straight back to where they come from. I decided to stalk right round the outside of this land and end up back where I 3.5 hrs laterhaving seen 13 does grazing in various areas ranging in distances from50yrd to 150 yrd but no bucks I arrived back where I started to have a doe come charging out out of rough ground and just about take me out then I noticed another roe mooching about in the back ground at last a buck 2 steps side ways and down he goes , my first clean buck at 17 kilo much walking alot of sweating and he is shot just beside my jeep

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    Turned out successful in the end.


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    Aye, I was walking back to the car expecting a blank but success at the last 100yrds

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