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Thread: 18650 Batterys - 12v charging ?

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    18650 Batterys - 12v charging ?


    18650 battery charging from a car 12v fag-lighter socket............... How long does it take roughly?

    I have a: Ultrafire WF139 charger for in the car and wanted to know what the charging time would be under a constant charge?

    I am thinking for keepinmg batterys charged whilest driving around shooting. There must loads of others doing this for lamping and "vaping".



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    ok supposedly ,no memorie batterys but just be careful with the ultra fire ones keep your eyes on them ,atb doug,

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    I charge on a Nite-Core I2 (very good charger) charger at home and only when I am in, they are never left unattended.

    My querie is over charging times when using a 12v input from the car.


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    The voltage doesn't really matter, it's the output amperage you need to know.
    if the 18650 batteries were say 3600mah then a 1amp output would take about 3.6 hrs in a perfect world to charge...realistically probably more like 4hrs.

    in are probably dc
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    About 4 hours for mine. Is your battery protected? It will have a disk sealed under the neg end. In which case you cannot over-charge, over-discharge or over-heat it.
    DX has 18650 batteries for $7 a pair (protected).

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    Yes my Nite-core batterys are protected !

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    Be carefull leaving these batteries unattended when on charge I had two blow up
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    Avoid batteries or chargers with fire in the name. Might be a bit of a generalisation but better safe than sorry. Get yourself a good quality charger like x-tar. Avoid bargain buys with batteries as you get what you pay for. Keepower 3600mah are a good protected cell. Any of the 3600mah batteries will be panasonic cells. The brand name on the wrapper will be the maker of the protection circuit.

    Edited to add
    I buy batteries and chargers from a uk seller on ebay called multicorepc. His name is Paul and is very helpful. Will do his best to get you the right cell/charger for your application. His items usually have "uk seller" as part of the picture.
    I have no connection to him, just a satisfied customer.
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    For good quality batteries, I've bought a few of these
    They take a few weeks to arrive but they're genuine panasonic cells and are very well reviewed on places like candlepowerforums etc. Not as cheap as some but properly good quality with reliable protection.

    I also bought one of these chargers Review: XTAR WP2 II Charger - okwchin | which, again, was well reviewed around the lighting folks that seem to be pretty clued up on them. It can charge from 12v if needed and has the included adapter. Again, more expensive than some, but has good charging characteristics and protection. I'm not always home when batteries are charging and this combination seems to be safe and stable.

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