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Thread: Pulsar NV scopes & Height of eye relief resolved

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    Pulsar NV scopes & Height of eye relief resolved

    I recently purchased from Scott Country the Pulsar N870 LRF, which included the laser rangefinder, excellent piece of kit with the NM800 940nm covert I/R led.
    Problems with eye relief.
    Had some problems with the eye viewing position and cheek on stock, because of the additional height of the N870. I therefore needed to raise the comb of the stock.
    I sourced some POLYMORPH beads which when heated to 60degrees C, either in water or by hair dryier, become pliable like kiddy’s plasticine. In this heated condition, the polymorph plastic can then be shaped and molded by hand onto the comb of the stock, fitting like a saddle. It works a treat, and is kept in place by some velcro. Initally the beads are white but can be changed to any colour with the addition of the dedicated colourant. The company I purchased the beads from was CPC Farnel, a 1kg canister costing approx £18, inc p&p.

    The polymorph material can be reheated and reused time and time again, brilliant! When cool it is a solid which can be sanded, drilled or tapped.
    I have raised the rifle stock comb by 1 inch high x 6 inch long and used approx 1/6th of the 1kg beads. So for the princely sum of about £3, I have a custom stock.

    Hope this info may help someone.

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    Brilliant solution ,,, I saw a post about the polymorph and was trying to think of a use for it, how do you stop it marking your stock ??? wrap cling film on stock ????
    definatly going to get some now just to have around and find uses for

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    Can I buy some off you?
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    Doh! I took the slightly more bling solution and bought a McMillan stock

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    I bet the Mcmillan stock cost a bit more than £18

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    Pulsar NV scopes & Height of eye relief resolved

    I fitted kydex adjustable cheek pieces to my stocks

    Works very well

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    Hello Ray7756,
    Sticking was not a problem, though your wrapping cling-film idea is excellent! When cooled to room temperature this Polymorph plastic is a solid hard lump and it does not appear to stick to smooth surfaces. I moulded my heated lump of Polymorph directly onto the stock comb and continued down both sides about 1 inch so it fits liked a saddle. As it cooled I placed my cheek against it and formed a slight indent in it, so a perfect fit for me. When this cooled it just slid off the stock. Also check out another recently invented material it's called SUGRU, a self setting rubber. This can be worked for about 30 minutes before starting to set at room temperature.
    I've covered a car key handle in red, and wrapped some around a kitchen tap for someone with poor grip because of arthritis; amazing stuff!

    Hello Crosshair 243,
    It does look like the "bees knees" though, very smart!

    Hello Teyhan1,
    Apologies, but this stuff is so useful and amazing in its varieties of usefulness that I'm looking for more applications. I'm now thinking perhaps wrapping cling-film around my Disco wing mirror "a la Ray7756" and forming an extended dedicated rifle rest? If it works then fine, if a failure I can just reheat the Polymorph and reuse again elsewhere. At CPC, the Polymorph Mouldable Plastic order number for 1kg is MK0017418, they also sell in 500 gram and 250 gram quantities. Online orders are free P&P

    Hello Sauer,
    Yes a good solution. I had already ordered a sheet of 3mm Kydex at £7.60, but was then concerned about my DIY skills, and that my drilling of my rifles stock to accommodate the two adjusting bolts may be detrimental to its looks and value? This way my stock remains unmodified, and if I ever want to put a normal day scope back on, then it's just 10 seconds to remove the moulded Polymorph.

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