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Thread: CZ 527 .223 Varmint 24"barrel, 1 in 9 twist & 40gr Factory ammo, MV 3700 fps

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    CZ 527 .223 Varmint 24"barrel, 1 in 9 twist & 40gr Factory ammo, MV 3700 fps

    Testing .223 40grain factory ammo with my CZ527 laminate, 24” barrel with1 in 9 twist.
    Reason for my test. When using NV scopes I have difficulty with judging range of targets. Looking at the NV scopes monochrome screen,( very much 2D to me), I was never sure if I was seeing a fox cub up close or a big dog fox much further away? Anyway I thought perhaps a flatter shooting bullet like that from purchasing a 22-250 rifle may be a way forward, but that’s an expensive option. I’m happy with my usual ammo, the 55gr Winchester Ballistic Silvertips, but something a bit faster & flatter shooting like a 40gr bullet, might just do the trick? BUT the big question for me was would a faster 40gr bullet, usually around the 3700 fps, be any good in a 1in 9 twist barrel? I had doubts as many knowledgeable riflemen had told me a 1 in 12 twist would be more suited to this faster 40gr bullet.
    Purchasing just two lots of factory ammo to try, I chose the Federal V-Shok 40gr ballistic tip @ 3700fps and the Norma 40gr ballistic tip @ 3740fps.
    Target was set at 125yards and to my surprise (& shock) I clover-leafed the 3 shots of Federal ammo! I have never ever clover-leafed a 3 shot group at this range, and group was inch high directly above the bull.
    Well now for the Norma 40gr BT. Sadly back to my usual grouping. Like the Silvertips, about 1 inch grouping, only this group were unexpectedly about 1 right of the bull: go figure?
    I will be trying the Hornardy 40gr V-max @ 3800fps, as soon as my RFD gets a delivery, but those Federal V-Shok are going to take some beating. Like the knowledgeable riflemen keep telling me, to get the most from your rifle you have to experiment and match the ammo to the gun, or vice versa?
    Hope this info is useful to someone.
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    My Tikka T3 1 in 12 cloverleafs at 100 with Hornady v-max and is 1 1/4" high of the bull.
    Federal 55g soft point groups under 1" right on the bull.
    Sorted for fox and deer respectively.
    End of testing for me .

    I saw a left hand Tikka 590 .223 a while ago that was perfect for me except it was a 1 in 14.
    Too much to shoot 55g soft points I reckoned so I left it...the visa card had a narrow escape.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Hi Royr

    Interesting that the Federal seem to be much more accurate in your gun than the Norma. In my rifle, the Norma group about an inch at 200 metres (still day, not too much caffiene yada yada!) and both Winchester Silvertips and Norma cloverleaf at 100 metres.

    I would say that a single 3 shot group is more of a coincidence than representative and you might want to rattle off some 5 shot groups on a few targets to get some real comparisons going.

    My other thought is.... how far out are you shooting your quarry? There is only going to be an inch or so difference in drop at 200 metres between the rounds you listed and maybe 2.5 inches at 300 metres. I find 250 metres about as far as I want to shoot at night under a lamp.



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    Royr- I went the opposite in my .223 for the better B.C. of a 60g bullet. I zero at 50y with my NV which gives me point and shoot out to 200y- a long way with 4.5x magnification
    I find the 60g Noslers also penetrate better than the lighter stuff which can occasionally blow up on a shoulder or rib without killing the fox.
    By all means be pleased with the accuracy but NV generally enables you to get closer anyway so bullet performance at the business end is just as important as trajectory.

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    Hello Gents ,
    Thanks for your thoughts and comments.
    MY main reason for relaying my tests here was the fact, and surprise to me, that a 1 in 9 twist barrel can group a 40 gr bullet, some brands with greater success than others. This info may be of interest to other's here who may now contemplate their own tests.
    I am no marksman, unfortunately, and I'm out of my comfort zone at 250 yards with a day scope and sub 200 yards with the NV scope - the NV poorer clarity of image and low 4.5 magnification make me cautious, so limits me to sub 200 yards.
    I've used the Hawke BRC2 Ballistics application (FREE) to get some idea of trajectory, speed and bullet energy, and a 40 grain bullet appears to fulfil the criteria to dispatch a fox with energy to spare at 250 yards - providing the bullet hits in the correct area, but I take note of your comments Crosshair243. With my previous NV image intensifier scope and viewing across an open winter wheat field, I had little idea of correct distance to any target. I used to place several short sticks (broom handles) with reflective tape on the top, to signify differing ranges (with IR switched on). Now I have this Pulsar N870 LRF with intigrated range finder, this now gives me the distance information to any approaching targets
    Perhaps it is because I'm no marksman that accuracy and grouping is a bit of a bug and perhaps significantly important for me. I was extremely (over the Moon) happy with my clover-leafed group, but as you indicate Rabbiter, (having brought me back down to earth), it may just be a 3 shot coincidence; I will do further tests with 5 shots of the 40gr Federal ammo as you have suggested.
    Thanks again Gents.
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    I have a friend that owns a CZ527 223 with the 1-9 heavy barrel . He bought it used and it came with 75 grain handloads . I shot it and got 3 shot groups at 100 in the 3/10" range . Later I worked up a load with the Nosler 60 grain BT and got it below 2/10" . Now as to the 40 grainers I honestly do not know . But I cannot imagine it not doing well with them also .

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    Hello 6pt-sika,
    "Now as to the 40 grainers I honestly do not know . But I cannot imagine it not doing well with them also." Exactly what I had thought, and been told by others, that 40gr @ 3700fps, in 1-9 twist was a NO-GO, the grouping would be a mess.
    To my amazement the opposite happened. I had my best 3-shot group ever at 125yards. It works for me. Perhaps other people contemplating a lighter, faster & flatter shooting bullet, may now be inclined to give this a try?
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    I think you are very lucky my 1:8 will not shoot anything under 60 grn, I would stick with the Fedrals if you zero 1 " high at 100 then effectively put it in the middle and thats the end of charlie.


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    Royr, thanks for taking the time to post this mate. 'Conventional' wisdow dictates that this barrel twist/bullet weight combo should be crap..... nice when it all works though!! My CZ527 Laminate Varmint in .223 lives off handloaded 50gn Z-Max's and as long as Fault Code 999 doesnt happen (Pillock pulling trigger error) then she'll put in sub MOA out to 300 all day long. I quite fancy dabbling in the lighter bullets though........... Oh god here we go again..........!

    All the best


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    Hello Deanot2000,
    Same rifle as mine, the CZ527 Laminate Varmint in .223, I was very pleasantly surprised with the 3 shot grouping of Factory Ammo, and that I now have a the capability of a 40gr bullet shooting flatter than the 22-250 (that is according to the ballistic charts). It was totally devastating on the fox I shoulder shot 2 nights ago, at 147 yards according to the N870LRF, and this Federal 40gr V-Shok totally smashed it - an instant kill. Very happy with this round.
    Hope others looking for a flatter shooting .223 bullet may give it a go.
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