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Thread: 284 winchester 180 grain head loads

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    284 winchester 180 grain head loads

    Need loads for an F class rifle not including hodgson powder to get the 180 berger hybrid to push beyond 2800 fps out of a 32 inch tube, barrel is brand new and i will try reloader 17 but is there any other powder that will do it possibly Vit?

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    A full case-load of N165 will do it. Depending on the barrel internal dimensions and throating, ~57gn will get you somewhere between 2,825 and 2,875 fps providing your freebore suits this very long bullet. Very clean and cool burning too, the powder for those worried about barrel life.

    IMR-7828ssc, Alliant Re22, Reload Swiss RS60, RS62, and RS70, Hodgdon SUPERFORMANCE, Viht N560, Ramshot Hunter and Magnum will all give high MVs too. All contain nitroglycerine other than 7828 and RS62. 7828ssc suits many people's rifles and can produce really high velocities, and it is usually available as Hodgdon in the USA is supplying Edgar Brothers with IMR powders as alternatives to short-supplied H. numbers. IMR-4831 is available too, but is noticeably faster burning than the H. version and IMO is better suited to 168s in the cartridge than 180s. Many people get great results from Re17 / Elcho 17 / RS60 (same powder, different labels), but others can't get on with it or find a previously great load suddenly 'goes off' for no apparent reason and stops performing.

    For those looking for powders for magnum cartridges and having supply problems, IMR-7828 was developed to produce maximum velocity in 7mm Remington Magnum factory ammunition and was used from its launch by Remington. The ssc short-cut version came later to suit cartridges with less case capacity than the 7mm RM and is ballistically identical to the original long-cut version. SSC is the one to use in 284 though for space reasons. It also meters and flows better in mechanical powder measures.

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    Thanks Laurie
    is vit 160 too fast or is there too much pressure

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    Vit 160 does work, though its a little fast, 165 better, RS60 and H4831sc also.

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