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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all

    I live in Ayrshire Scotland, stalked for the past 10years and shoot both Red and Roe. I enjoy working GSPs and i am currently in the process of training a young 7month old Bitch.

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    Welcome , like you I work G.S.Ps, whats your blood lines, mine originated in Ayrshire,mistyayre, booton, subar.

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    Hi Bogtrotter,
    My Dogs came from Mistyayre lines also with the First being Mistyayre Ophelia 13 years ago, since then i have breed my own from Heidi (Mistayre Ophelia) and Helga (Braxton India). I currently have Hans (Mistyayre Quartz) who is retired now at the age of 12 and Ki (Dalkur Bhoy)who is 8 with Abba (Dalgain Kurzaan)the bitch pup coming on just fine for 7 months. The kennel is complete with my old Black Lab Bitch Jura who still works at 11 although she is a bit slow now.

    regards Dalkur

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    Hi dalkur.
    My old bitch died suddenly last week Megan [Nethernock Choice] she was just a few months short of 12 years old
    Mistyayre Bucks Fizz was her grand Sire also Mistyayre Absinthe in her pedigree a lot of Inchmarlo and Hillanhi in the pedigree.

    Gemma [Rosannoch Earnvale] 6 years old come October Dam Cairdell Boston Mist of Rosannoch Sire Jorgei Giauco
    The Sire of Cairdeil Boston Mist of Rosannoch was Mistyayre Quartz of Dalkur[ yours I believe] there are 13 mistyayre's in her pedigree.

    I also have Fritz who will be 3 in October unfortunately I don't have papers for him, bought him cheapish as the owner had the litter docked and were reported by a prospective buyer, and wanted rid of the litter quick, was promised the papers but they took cold feet and the papers were never forthcoming.

    Gemma is in pup to him at the moment want to keep a couple myself to replace Megan and a couple going to friends
    so may have some pups looking for homes in July, more interested in them going to working homes than the money.

    Do you use yours for tracking deer Megan was quite good, Gemma is a bit softer does not like thick cover but excels on the grouse moor, as for Fritz he is a bit head strong, but will tackle any type of cover, had him working on woodcock last season
    great nose and holds the point well, his retrieving was a bit sloppy to begin with, but I am expecting great things from him
    this coming season.
    Want to try him on deer though I know that I should of started him on deer before game.

    Best Regards

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    Hi Jim,
    All my pointers run on Grouse with very good results, Hans (Mistyayre Quartz) was outstanding in all disciplines and could if required find that missing deer. I breed Ki (Dalkur Bhoy) and kept him for Grouse only although he can find deer, I am currently Training Abba grand Daughter of Ki for deer only as i have moved away from walked up to more Deer work. Nethernock Choice was breed by Donna Shedon from Cumnock and if memory serves me right would be the sister to a bitch Hans covered twice and who produced some outstanding pups. one went to Australia and sired the Australian champion.

    Good to hear GSPs working and living happy lives, will keep my ears open for homes for your expectant litter.

    Regards Dalkur

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