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Thread: Day out with muntjacstalker

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    Day out with muntjacstalker

    It's been a busy season on the Sussex fallow so it was a pleasure to get out and meet Jason at muntjac stalker last week. The alarm sounded at 2am and the journey made in darkness to Bedfordshire. At 6 am Jason appeared and off we went.
    It was a fine morning very still and the sun shining. We stalked 3 different woods and managed a doe amongst 3 after a short stalk through some undergrowth alongside the ride they were feeding on.
    The evening stalk was something of an experience. I thought I had seen a good number of muntjac in the morning but wasn't prepared for what was coming. We stalked a dense wood and Jason put me on a doe couched up 20 yards away off the ride. It just wouldn't budge and we decided to walk on as it just didn't feel sporting. " that muntjac doesn't know how lucky it is " was Jason's quote . For the next few hours we tip toed through the trees. At one point we had 3 muntjac bucks within 50 yards feeding merrily oblivious to our presence. Unfortunately a shot never materialised on a suitable doe but I had a fantastic day seeing 40+ muntjac deer. I would recommend Jason highly for anyone wanting an experience in woodland stalking. He knows his stuff and has deer numbers beyond belief.
    Regards steve
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    well done Steve, pleased you had a good trip, Ali went Boar shooting at broad oak brede and saw muntjac, so they are getting closer although i have still not seen one in Sussex, cheers Geoff

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