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Thread: Layer Cake

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    Layer Cake

    Top film, on at 9pm, Channel 5...

    Well worth a look if you like UK 'gangster' type movies.

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    Cheers it a great film I can watch again and again

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    No 3 on that, just something about that film!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Realtree View Post
    No 3 on that, just something about that film!
    A certain young lady in suspenders help???

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    You cannot deny she does look fit in full webbing!

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    Suberb film, one that I can watch over and over again.

    Everything I like in a film and decent actors too - Craig, Gambon, Sienna Miller

    Plus the real star,,,,,,,,,,OV03HZL

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    Yes the opening credits do the her justice.

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    Plus the real star,,,,,,,,,,OV03HZL[/QUOTE]

    is that the RS4 ??

    quality film

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    so whats daniel craigs character called then?

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