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Thread: Hello from Huddersfield

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    Hello from Huddersfield

    Hi there,

    I am looking at getting into deer stalking in the yorkshire area.
    I am a member of Yorkshire shooting club and now have 6 months of full bore experience.
    However I am now looking to move away from the range and into hunting.
    I have no real hunting experience apart from a little air rifle on a small permission.
    I was just wondering what the best way was of going about this as I have no family or friends who do this?
    The club runs dsc courses but I don't know whether that is the first step or an accompanied shoot?
    Do I need to do my dsc regardless first?
    I do not yet have my fac as I use the club guns ATM.
    My other hobby is hill and country walking as well as being a general outdoors enthusiast.

    It's a bit daunting for a beginner.

    TIA for any help


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    Hi from another Yorkshire lad in answer the Dsc is not compulsory for an fac despite what the police / some providers on here may tell you , however as you say you've no deer stalking experiance so will probably find it very beneficial , I'd also suggest some paid stalks with a pro , contact john at Yorkshire roe stalking on here he's very highly recommended , pm me if you have any questions
    atb Jim
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    We'll come to the forum Graham .just do foxing at the mo my self and looking as you to get in to stalking so will be watching with intrest

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    Welcome to the site,

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