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Thread: Swarovski or Leica

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    Swarovski or Leica

    I'm thinking about buying a new pair of binoculars; either Swarovski SLC or Leica Trinovids in 10x42; any comments on how these two compare would be appreciated.

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    You are going to have difficulties splitting these two up, both top quality items,my personal choice would be Leica, but I'm sure the comments will be interesting, Steve.
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    One man's chalk is another man's cheese,, you need to look through both as eyes are different and some people suit one but not the other, I'm a swaro man as I've tried all the makes and they suit my eyes best.
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    I have the swaros but my mate has leicas looking thro both side by side you would be hard pushed to see the difference both top quality makes

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    If your easily pleased you`ll choose Swarovski Binoculars.

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    I'm not easily pleased and that is why i chose the Swarovski brand for everything except my rangefinder (leica).

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    I'd take a look through a pair of these:

    Old school in design but still very, very good according to the review.


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    One you wear specs? I do, and which is why when I tried the Leicas and the Swaros side by side, I found that I got a better field of view and more 'flattening' of the image with the Swaros

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    Ziess were better for me than SLC - I got a bargain set of lieca r f from ace cameras again I think the image is better on my eye than the s l c - TBH I prefer Ziess conquest at half the price
    but that's my eyes - enjoy choosing

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I'm not easily pleased and that is why i chose the Swarovski brand for everything except my rangefinder (leica).
    Ok then Dotty I`ll try to describe the Swarovski choice in a better term..
    Obviously comparing Leica and the above brand is a very close thing even when you have them both in each hand?
    Its that extra hundred quid that needs to come out of the wallet for the extra quality is what makes the difference to most.
    Bit like a Isuzu or a Toyota pick up truck..

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