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    New toy

    Came across this whilst searching the net and had to add it to the collection another No1 this ones in .405 Winchester so thinking I'll use it for woodland muntjac!!
    I'm still on the look out for decent one in 45/70 so I can beat GOMX to the shorty custom job we have planned!!

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    That will be fun. I had a Falling Block Works Hi Wall in 405 Winchester back in the mid-eighties. It has a heavy-ish 26" octagonal barrel and I stocked it in black walnut. A great shooter and certainly capable of taking game of any size up close. A rancher from Wagon Mound, New Mexico came into my shop and saw it in my reloading room gun rack and had to have it so I let it go at a very high price. Doesn't seem so high now. ~Muir

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    I really do like the High Walls but very expensive over here ...

    I think you should cut your 405 into a shorty anyway, I wanted to cut my brothers 458 but he wasn't having none of it !!! still a 45/70 will turn up one day ...

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    love the 45.70, and this looks like a one hell of gun.

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