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Thread: Various DPM smocks

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    Various DPM smocks

    Having cleaned out the loft I have realised that I have far too much stuff that is never getting used so the following smocks are for sale on SD prior to going to eBay. All are issued DPM not MTP, pictures available if folk want they can PM me.

    Para smock - very good condition no rips tears etc, size 180/104 so med/large 35 posted.

    Sniper smock - good condition, tiny hole in one of the pockets but with this heavy cotton material it doesn't rip if that makes sense. I've removed the metal hooks from the arms and don't have them although all other pads etc are present, size 190/112 so large/XL I would say 50 posted (pretty heavy).

    Wind proof - very good condition, wire still in hood, size 180/96 so med/large depending on clothing underneath 30 posted - I think I may have another one of these in the garage come to think of it.

    I'm open to sensible offers on all the items but please don't take the obvious as I had a quick look on eBay to gauge the prices.
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