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Thread: Wild Goats

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    Wild Goats


    I'm on the look out for somewhere where myself and another stalker can shoot wild goat. Ideally in the highlands around the Inverness area, if not there then somewhere between there and Newcastle as we are trying to fit this in on the return journey from another trip we are doing early September.



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    Solway stalker on here has them. Dumfries and Galloway. Stalked with Colin many a times including goats. You'll not go wrong.

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    There aren't many wild goats near inverness - As above - D&G has plenty.


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    Thanks guys, was hoping to find something on the east coast just for ease really, if not then would definitely give Colin a shout.



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    Think there's goats above Inverness up by Rogart way, mind you it was a fair few years ago, dunno if anyone does ground to stalk them though. Others up that way will be better to help.


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    Thanks for the replies guys!

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    +1 for colin don't forget your climbing ropes though

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    Don't forget yr jumper eh toad
    regards Norma

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    There are wild goats in the newtonmore area at a place called creag dubh, at least there was 10 years ago. Used to go rock climbing at a crag there and the bottom had a few dead ones which had fallen over the edge. Unfortunately not sure who you would contact about them though.

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