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Thread: Wiltshire Newbie - Saying hello

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    Wiltshire Newbie - Saying hello

    I have just registered. Living on a farm in Wiltshire. Obtained RFC last year and a .243 Sako earlier this year. Looking to attend DSC1 this summer. All advise gratefully received.

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    Wow, I bet that's cold where you live Stonhenge aint go no walls
    Welcome aboard and enjoy the banter.
    On the serious side tho, this is the place to come for advice regarding most things Deer related.
    Good luck with the DSC1 when it comes.
    Oh by the way, good choice of calibre for this area in particular but does the business elswhere if used correctly.
    Oops, a bit too quick with the banter, I see you live on a farm in Wiltshire not Stonehenge, I did wonder.

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    Welcome along, I'd recommend Jelen for your DSC1. I did mine with BDS but have done other courses with Jelen and would recommend, also there HQ is just down the road at Stockbridge.

    All the best...
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    Thanks for the welcomes. I'm not sure druids shoot deer EMcC!!Yes White Hart, Jelen was where I planned to go either end of May or August - good to hear they're recommended.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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