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Thread: trackers. GPS or telematry

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    trackers. GPS or telematry

    Hi guys wonder if any of you use any of this on th teckels I've got the retrieval one on 30 day rental not always a satellite going past and working in dense woodland sometimes blocks out and also the price 300 a piece and I need three as if you have it on one that gets split from the ones without any feedback helpful .

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    Almost nobody uses the telemetry any more. Everyone I know uses the Garmin Astros. Thick woodland should not have much effect on the SIRF III chips.

    Are you using your dogs for driven hunts ?
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    Everyone i know all use Garmin Astro 320 and the DC40 or DC50 collar , cant fault it !

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    Thanks for advice yes I use them as a little pack a lot of the time .

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